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Author Topic: 2011-11 November Meeting minutes  (Read 1407 times)

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2011-11 November Meeting minutes
« on: March 10, 2012, 12:26:04 PM »

2011-11 November Meeting minutes

« on: November 18, 2011, 11:05:33 AM »


Jason Fjeld
Mason McCoy
Allen Maize
Ryan Weaverling
Twila West
Scott Bottorf
Matt Ingram
Larry Reinsch
Belinda Lawler
Mike Potter
Clint Hansen
Bill Slaikeu
Larry & Deb Fox
Paul Van Weelden
Coleman Young
Brian Maxwell
Matthew Gahm

Treasurer’s Report:
Previous Balance: $ 4,122.49
Current Balance: $ 3,278.21

Potential new members:
Scott, 2012 Rubicon.

Upcoming Events:
December 3rd Christmas Party, Walnut Woods State Park Lodge, PotLuck, Gift Exchange, $25~30 limit for adults, ~$15 Kids, Nametags would be a good idea.
Famous Dave’s Merle Hay Every 2nd & 4th Tues of Month

Upcoming Farm Trips:
None planned.

Other Upcoming Trips:
Middle of Nowhere: December 10-11 weather permitting
Bob will be featuring JOCCI themed grill windscreens at the Sports & Licensing Show in Las Vegas

Upcoming Talk n’ Tune:
None scheduled.

Clothing Order:
Due by Dec 5th.  Longsleeves, hoodies, T-shirts, stocking caps(in stock), no new logo yet.

New Business:
Larry: Split Jeep show funds vs. JOCCI general fund,
Brian: All quorom votes will be binding and not require 1 month delay(outside of expenditures over $500, elections and by-laws changes per vote of September 2010). Motion seconded, debated and carried unanimously.
Larry: Club members in attendance will vote minutes into the record after reading by the secretary. Any objection to the minutes can then be debated and re-voted by a majority of those present at the meeting.  Motion seconded, debated and carried unanimously.
Ryan: $250 standing Christmas Gift to the landowner’s family every year, and must be delivered prior to the end of the calendar year. Motion seconded and carried unanimously.

Iowa Association News:
November ? is next meeting

Adjourn regular Meeting:
Motion Carried

Recent farm runs:
Adopt-A-Highway, Sunday 11/13. DOT only provided us with 11 bags and completed ~1.3 miles of the 2, all bags filled.  Not too much litter.

Explore possible ATV events at farm pending owner approval, insurance company, and other considerations.
Special event status outside of Midwest coverage.
Helmets, flags for both, discussed, opening the discussion, time separation, etc.

Other Recent Runs:
Middle of Nowhere:
November 5th & 6th
7 Saturday, 10 on Sunday
‘Don’t let Paul drive’ wasn‘t heeded to by Alan; broken shock mount. 
Sidewinder, and gotten all the way to MIOBIs progress, across creekbed and first crossing of the finger another 100y past that, getting into the multiple branches. Clint has started a GPS map of progress superimposed on google earth.
Perhaps December 10th & 11th.
Middle of Nowhere: 900 acre ranch, overnight camping or cabins, creek beds are sand, not a lot of mud, night runs allowed,
Needs clear trees, overgrown, clear creek beds, cut trails through the timber, ponds with mud runs.