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Author Topic: 2012-02 Febuary Meeting Minutes  (Read 1293 times)

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2012-02 Febuary Meeting Minutes
« on: March 10, 2012, 09:59:09 AM »

2012-02 February Meeting Minutes

« on: March 01, 2012, 08:40:36 AM »



Treasurer’s Report
Previous Balance: $ 2,128.21
Current Balance: $ 2,128.21

Membership Dues:
Now overdue, cannot vote or make motions unless paid up.

Vote on paying Jim Shanks $500 for forum:
Compensate Jim Shanks in the amount of $500 to cover hosting and maintaining the website & forum and convert to full club ownership of the website. 
Online: 26 Aye 5 Nay
In person: 8 aye Nay 0
Motion carries

New Business:
Larry proposes making Bob Rees as the fifth and tiebreaking vote on the board of directors as an admin
Vote unanimously carried

Potential new members:
Margaret Wright 2011 Blue Sahara JK, referred by a friend . 
Steve Reeves 2011 Rubicon Unlimited, internet website & Charlie Hamilton.

Upcoming Farm Trips:
April Sunday Run 7th & 8th
March: 10-11 tentative, maybe 3-4.

Upcoming events:
Famous Dave’s Merle Hay 1st Tues of Month
Moab Planning meeting: Ryan’s house January 7th for those that are interested in a Moab trip, date TBD. Late may/early June.
April 21st CCW class at Middle of Nowhere
Wheelers for Warriors: October 13-14 or 21-22 is tentative. Brainstorming session about ideas to make more.

Other Upcoming trips:
July 13-15th Stevie & Mike Jeepfest at Cliff’s in St Train Illinois
Moab June 9-17th: 14 rigs & 28 people for 3 Condos plus some camping, room still available
Middle of Nowhere weekend: April 21-22

Clothing Order:
In. See Coleman for cost and pickup.

Adjourn regular business
Motion Carried