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Author Topic: 2017-6 June Meeting Minutes  (Read 1202 times)

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2017-6 June Meeting Minutes
« on: July 13, 2017, 08:06:42 PM »
June 20, 2017

In Attendance:
Ryan Weaverling - President
John Longman - Vice President
Ryan Hildreth - Treasurer
Ryan Atchison
Aaron Bakerink
Bob Briles
Lindsey Cheevers
Bill Dane
David Doolittle
Tony Feldmann
Chad Gibbons
Devin Goehring
Staci Golden
Jesse Haines
Jerry Hannagan Sr.
Clint Hansen
Randall John
Robert Johnson
Scott Jones
Jack Landy
John Larsen
Michael Martinez
April Nelson
Ryan Nelson
Denise Roach
Adrienne Roll
Austin Schad
Jim Shanks
Bill Slaikeu
Ethan Stroud
Jeramie Stroud
Curtis Thompson
Adam Waters
Paul VanWeelden
Kalie Weuve
Robby Williams

Secretary’s Report:
• Ty Knox was absent
• Reading of the May Minutes:
   o Motion to add minutes into record seconded, and carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report:
• Statement Beginning Balance (5/12/17): $7,067.08
• Statement Ending Balance (6/13/17): $6,924.98
   o See attached document for full details

Vice President’s Report:
• Nothing to report

President’s Report:
• Nothing to report

Potential New Members and Visitors:
• Austin Schad & Kalie Weuve - WJ
• Staci Golden & Curtis Thompson - JKU
• Michael Martinez - JKU

New Business:
• Club Banner
   o Showed a design that included a variety of Jeep grilles
   o Voted to remove bumpers and fenders from the grille designs
   o Possibly change the color of the YJ grille to better differentiate from the background

Recurring Club Business:
• The Farm
   o Nothing to report
• Iowa Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (IA4WDC)
   o Nothing to report

Event Reviews:
• Boy Scout Exhibition Run
   o Didn’t happen, may try again this Fall
• MIOBI Memorial Day
   o No one at the meeting attended
• Farm Run, May 27th
   o Ken Logan has a badass LJ
• Spring Fling, June 3rd
   o HQ
      - Tech-In went smooth, not much to change for next year
      - Add: “Ensure D-rings are serviceable” to the Tech-In process
      - Fire Extinguishers are always important to carry in every vehicle
   o Wheelin’
      - Only one Jeep got serious damage, the crack "Paul Wall" was created
      - Spacing out groups was a great idea
   o Dinner
      - Need to double check that the electricity is on in the shelter
      - Try to downsize the amount for next year, we had plenty
   o Swag
      - Should have gotten pics of the winners to send to the sponsors

• Farm Run, June 18th
   o 4 rigs, Paul Wall was attempted again, Ryan H. flopped

Upcoming Events:
• Meat & Greets – 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month, location TBD
   o Someone just needs to post their interest and others will join
• South Dakota Black Hills, June 30th - July 4th
• Colorado, End of July
• Moab, September 16th - 23rd
• Rubicon Trail 2018, TBD
• Urbandale Parade, 4th of July
   o Might be $10 per vehicle entry

Recent Talk ‘n Tunes:
• Ryan W. had throw-out bearing replaced in Ryan H.’s garage
• Bill Slaikeu had ball joints and steering replaced in Ryan H.’s garage

Upcoming Talk ‘n Tunes:
• Robert Johnson needs his fenders cut
• Adam Waters has a lift and tires on the way

Adjourn Regular Business:
• Motioned, seconded, and carried
'13 JK Wrangler - The wheeling rig
'01 WJ Grand Cherokee - The daily & farm runner