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--- Quote from: murphyslaw on February 12, 2013, 06:34:44 PM ---wrong kind of twin stick. im talking about cutting breaks on my rear axle.

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Can you explain this 'twin stick' on the rear axle?


--- Quote from: andrewferin on February 13, 2013, 06:15:16 AM ---Do you do nation wide searches to find your teal Jeeps?

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Come on. You know I'm the only one man enough to rock the teal ;D

--- Quote from: JFjeld on February 13, 2013, 11:38:46 AM ---Can you explain this 'twin stick' on the rear axle?

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Its something we old guys used to do back in the day before there were any cheap reliable traction aids. When LSD was considered a traction aid.

Itís the same basic concept as turning breaks in a sand rail or dune buggy. Although sand guys donít like the term dune buggy. But its used slightly different in a jeep. We donít use it for turning just distributing power to the side of the axle that needs it. If used right it works better than any locker out there.

Ok. First lets talk about how LSD works. Say your wheeling and your in a spot where one rear tire is off the ground and the other one is in contact with the ground but your not going anywhere. The one in the air is just spinning. When the LSD spools up and the clutches start to grab in the diff and squeeze together it distributes power to the wheel still in contact with the ground. 70 to 80% of the power when you step on the gas stays on the side of the axle thatís in the air spinning 20-30% gets distributed to the side on the ground that has traction and hopefully its enough to get you moving forward. Thatís basically LSD. The reason LSD is not as good as an auto locker is the best power distribution you can hope to get is 50/50 but that rarely happens. Unless both tires are under the same amount of load.   

We all know the ďe-break locker. ď if your stuck and your tires are just spinning than gently pull up on your e-break and some times you will start moving forward. Some times it works, some times not.
The reason is if you can stop the tire from spinning that has the 80% of power going to it, it will distribute more power to the tire that has the traction the one with 20% power. It gives it a more 50/50 power distribution. But to do this you need to have your e-break on and you can cut the power to your rear axle up to 75% by engaging it. Your robing your axle of all its power still.

Ok. Cutting breaks or twin sticks. Its basically two separate cables ran to either side of you axles to the e-break connectors and either side can be operated independently.

Ok lets go back to the stuck jeep. Left tire is in the air. Right tire is on the ground and your not going anywhere. So I pull up on the left side stick and lock the break completely On the tire thatís spinning in the air. Lets say 100%. Now the LSD has shifted the power to the right side, the side with traction 100%. But Iím not engaging the break on this side so I get the full benefit of the power on this side. I give it a little gas and move forward 8 inches where Iím not stuck any more and I let go of the break and drive on through.

Other places this helps. If I need to make a sharp right or left turn I pull up on the inside break and it cuts my turning radius in half.

Cost = about $20 and I get the full benefit of a full locker.     

I like that, thank you for the great explanation. So now I have to ask, how well does this work for being on the road? It kinda sounds like something I would only want on a trail rig. Another question: will you be using 2 levers, or 2 independent brake pedals?

two levers.

you dont drive on the road with your e-break on do u?

i wont either.

same as leaving the break off.

 ::) Ok, I just wasn't sure if it modified the brakes and the ebrake or just the ebrake I guess. So it wouldn't matter, thanks for the clarification. ;D

I am attempting to pull in info that I understand from antique bear with me please...
On our old John Deere 2-cyls, the independent brakes obviously have individual pedals. For working in the fields, tractor pulling, or manuervering, this is pretty slick, and lets you keep both hands free for other things, like steering.

So in the Jeep, you're on the trails trying to work your split ebrake system, you are gonna run 2 levers while steering? I guess thats what got me confused. I would think a foot pedal system might be pretty effective. One could run 2 old clutch pedals for this because they are skinnier. Catch my drift?

Thanks again.


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