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ok. i keep getting asked what im working on. first off let me start by saying i hate build threads. I知 not going to bore you all with allot of details of what I知 going to do in the future. This is more of a progress report of what I知 currently working on. I知 going to state in this first post what my future plans are and that痴 the last you値l hear of it. I知 not going to come up with some cutie pie name that痴 cleaver and ironic. I will answer any and all questions but hopefully you all will get the idea.

I致e committed to several wheeling events in the future so I guess its time to build a jeep.

Here is what I知 starting with. 97 Cherokee (xj)
its pretty clean. a little rust on the rockers. (see pic) I pulled the floor carpet up to see what im working with and the floors have very little surface rust. (see pic) So its good canadate to be ripped to shreds.

I知 not going to be building a whole lot on this jeep. In the past if I wanted long arms I would just build it myself. But its been a few years since I put a cherokee together and the aftermarket is huge for them now and stuff is cheap. I知 not going to waste my time building when I can spend a few extra bucks and bolt it on. If u have a problem with that. Eat me.

 Motor stays stock. Tranny stays stock(aw4). t-case stays stock (np231). for now. Im toying with the idea of 4 lo kit. Depends on my final drive ratio.

Front axle will be hp d30 with 4.10 gears and an ox locker. Rear axle (see pic) is a ford 8.8 with 4.11 and lsd. Im not locking the rear but I am twin sticking it.

i will be running 33-34 inch tires.

Lift kit is a rough country 6.5 long arm kit. (see pic) It will have fram stiffiners and a full roll cage. Might cut some ot the top off. not sure yet.

Here is what it looks like now.

floor boards.

lift kit


Ok, you got my attention, just show us some pics of a few updates as you go along and Im happy. Your goal is too have this ready for SMORR then?

No sh!t.... Brian with a build thread. This is something new.

Call up Chris Willey (sp) he is selling a twin sticked 300 for cheap...

wrong kind of twin stick. im talking about cutting breaks on my rear axle.

Do you do nation wide searches to find your teal Jeeps?


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