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Luke Graham:
I can help you out with an Artec truss and any other parts you may need.

As far as the limited slip goes, toss it in the scrap bin. They are junk and might as well be an open differential.

Would love to jump directly into a locker, but, dropping a locker in at this point is not realistic financially.  By going to the 8.8 now I get a better gear ratio, much stronger axle and something better than my current open differential.  When I have the funds (hopefully someday) we will discuss lockers.

Now the Artec Truss, when I get the 8.8 all prepped for it, we will talk.

As always, appreciate and respect your opinion.


Made some progress the last couple of days.  pulled the cover and everything looks good, no spare metal floating around.  Diff fluid was pretty dark.  Confirmed the gears are 4.10s  :).  Removed the two passenger side brackets, need a grinding disk to remove the remainder.  Did a little sanding to make it shiny and removed the parking brake cables.  I bought a 10 pack of cut-off disks, four are gone, should have enough to finish the job.  Fun little project for after work.

Brackets are ground down smooth with the tubes and most of the rust removed on the passenger side.  Drivers side brackets removed, still need to grind down to the tubes and remove the rust.

Next will be to rebuild the TrakLoc and replace the bearings and seals.


Good work.  Need more photos.


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