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Completed rebuild of the Trakloc last night, easier than expected. 

 Purchased a Dana 30 HP earlier in the week, pick it up on 3/3/18.  Will need some parts for a regear on that, carrier, ring & pinion, bearings, seals etc.  Dare I say autolocker?!?!

Planning a talk and tune for Saturday March 10.  Beverages and food to be provided.

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# months since I updated...most know what I have done but will document here anyway.

Install of the Ford 8.8 went very smooth with help from a lot of forum members.  After the install, I got vibrations, this was something I feared because I knew the only real solution was a SYE.  Bit the bullet and ordered the SYE.

Also picked up a HP Dana 30 about the same time.  started working on this it was in pretty rough shape.  Ordered new carrier, new gears, new install kit and a Spartan locker.  I also decided to replace ball joints, the rest would be moved over from my stock Dana 30.

Cody installed the gears for me and I worked on the axle, never realized how tough ball joints would be.  Scott Jones gave me a hand and after a fair amount of cursing we got them in.  Replaced the axle side bushings on the uppers and ordered Core 4x4 adjustable lowers.

Time for a talk-n-tune for the SYE and Dane 30HP...

Plan was to install SYE on Friday and Dana 30HP on Saturday.  SYE install went pretty smooth, again due to a lot of help.  Finished that up took it for a test drive and the vibes were gone without adjusting pinion angle (that will come later).  Noticed on the test drive, no speedo, crap.
Wild Hockey game Friday night with too much beer, called off TnT for Saturday (dumbass).

Decided to diagnose speedo on Saturday morning.  I had installed a new speedo gear, but, it was clocked 90 degrees off so the 2 gears were not touching (better than smashed together and shredding). Speedo works  :HiFive.

Started working on Dana 30HP, things were going pretty well, Scott showed up and we got it mounted, springs, shocks and control arms are in.  Realized I forgot to drill and tap perches for bump stops (NHL version).  Called it a night.

Sunday, springs removed perches drilled and tapped start getting everything finished up.  Finally, I am out of parts to install.  Checked the driveshaft pinion u-joint angles, off a few degrees, adjusted lower control arms and the angles look good.

Test drive time, can't wait to hear that auto-locker ratchet sound, sure enough, there it is, cool.  Then comes the loud pop, what the hell was that?  Had several people look at it, no one can figure it out, Only happens when turning sharp.  Drive it for a while until the JOCCI meeting, with about 5 people watching as I drove around the lot someone finally found the problem, not sure who it was , but, I am grateful.  The drag link is catching on the trackbar bolt at the axle.  Turns out my drag link was bent.  Replaced that and that problem is gone.

Adjusted rear control arms to get my pinion angle correct, way easier than I thought it would be, got them right were I wanted them.

Added a new set of rims and some 33x10.5x15 BFG Mud Terrains.

Got things dialed in just in time for a Trip to SMORR with CORA (great group of guys, Scott, Brian, Ken Kyle, Craig, and the young-uns).

I could not believe how well this thing performed, I did several trails that I didn't think I could do, and maybe shouldn't have.  I did to level 5s, Rattler and Red Bull and several level 4s, killed it on Rocker Knocker.  But, I paid the price, Crushed oil pan and Bent driveshaft.

Rick Morelock took care of the driveshaft for me, putting a new tube on it.  For reference go to Rick for all driveshaft work!

Picked up a used Mopar oil pan from a pull-a-part for $40, Brian Logan helped me install that and a new rear main seal (no more oil leaks).  At the same time we installed a oil pan skid and later added a tranny skid, yes, more protection.

Finally, last weekend I got to the Farm, this was great, because I now have something to compare to.  Several of the obstacles that I've struggled with in the past where no longer an issue the combination of bigger tires, no TC drop, auto locker and LSD made them much easier.

It's been a long haul, but, I consider it extremely successful!   :HiFive

Thanks for everyone's help!

Nice  :HiFive


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