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Took the first step yesterday of getting rid of the "I'm open-open" excuse...

Yesterday I picked up a rear axle out of a 2004 Ford Explorer SportTrac.  Plan to spend I good part of the winter tearing it down cutting off mounts, welding on new mounts and making it pretty.

The axle has 4.10:1 ratio with a limited slip.  I haven't decided if I will go with a truss and the brackets or just the brackets, about $150 more for the whole set-up.

For the front, I am just going to keep my eyes open for ideas, options are regear the Dana 30 to 4.10s or pick up a 4.10 axle out of a 4 cylinder.  A Dana 44 for the front would be great but I am not optimistic on finding one that I can afford.

Hope to have this done by spring when I need new tires and move up to 33s.

Congrats on the 8.8. Instead of messing with a tj lp30, get an XJ HP30. Skip the 33's and got to 35's

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Looks fun  :WheelingIt

Started the tear down. Got the brakes off, pulled the cover and drained it, then tried to turn the shafts. Turn one side, the other side turned the opposite direction and vice versa. The pinion does not turn at all. This should be limited slip so I wouldn't expect it to turn the opposite direction when using a 15" prybar between the lugs to turn it.

Am I screwed on this axle? I will try to find some bolts to put into the pinion so I can try to turn that next.

Ok, feel better now...

put a couple of bolts in the flange and put my prybar on there and everything started to move as expected.  This thing had been sitting around for a while and just needed to be broke lose.

From my earlier test, does it sound like the clutches need to be replaced? Or is that normal.

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