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DUB-J: The Other Green Jeep

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 You leaking from every nook and cranny?

All 4 of the front UCA bushings were replaced last weekend. It does drive down the road better, but I'm still getting some shaking in the steering wheel in the 40-50 mph range. I might take a look at the bushings in the lower arms next.

The front of the oil pan and rear main seal have been leaking for at least 7 years. Now that the Jeep is in my hands, I put an end to that earlier this week. While under there, I noticed the Rzeppa joint boot, on the front driveshaft at the transfer case, was torn. So now I'm running around in a 2WD Jeep.

On very rare occasions, it feels as if the transmission slips into neutral. It happened to my sister a few times and only done it once since I've had it. I was able to coast into a parking lot and when I slowed down to about 5 mph, it shifted back into gear and everything was normal again. At 148k miles, I don't think the fluid has ever been changed and that's way overdue. I'll drop the pan and see what I see.


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