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I jumped back into the wheeling world back in 2012 when I purchased a 2011 JKU Sport from Stew's. My Touareg was on its deathbed and I knew I wanted to replace it with a black JKU hardtop. Stew Hansen had a used one on the lot with less than 5K on the clock. I test drove it and signed the paperwork the same day.

I was friends with a JOCCI member (Dave) from college and more recently Boy Scouts. Our boys were active in the BSA which made both of us active as leaders. He encourage me to check out a JOCCI meeting and the Farm which is all it took. The next thing I knew, I was modding up my Jeep and eventually serving the club on the BOD.

I am really late in getting a build thread going as I no longer have my 2011 (I traded her out for a new one with bigger axles and factory lockers  :) ). With this new Jeep, I want to do a better job of archiving the progress of the build and since I have several parts ordered and the modding has already begun, it seemed appropriate to get this going. With that being said, I will start this off with the some historical photos of the Jeep that brought me to the club.

This is after removing all the factory stickers and adding my own along with new Pacer Soft 8 wheels and 33" tires from Andrew @ Adel Chrysler:

The next step was to beef up the suspension and get it off the ground a little. With the help of Gecko and John, we knocked this out in a couple hours one evening in my garage. Teraflex 2 1/2" lift kit  with Rancho shocks:


In the photo above you can see I also ditched the NFAB step rails (Dave kept telling me they would get ripped off at the farm) and replaced them with ACE sliders with Rubirails. I also added a steel front bumper for a winch.

I believe it was at this point in the build when my Jeep became the meat in an accident sandwich.

This accident also bent the frame of the Jeep:

Fortunately, Jeeps are body on frame vehicles and the good folks at Acheson Auto put her all back together. This also allowed me to add me to add a steel rear bumper and a Magnaflow exhaust.  :HiFive

It was shortly after I got her back when I started working on the iPad dash mod.

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Added flush LED tails and this is a good view of the rear bumper and Magnaflow I got after the accident:

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That iPad mount look amazing. Good job

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