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I like to just rush in head first and realize my mistakes after the fact, so it's probably better to take your time, ask questions and do your research first. For example a lot of people want 37s and 4 inch lift, but don't consider gears, drive shaft length, axel strength etc... so thinking it through is a great idea.

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Yeah I came to the conclusion I should stay at 33's then get a 2.5" or maybe 3.5" lift, then regear for 35's because I don't think I'll go bigger than that. It's a slow slow process for me, I'll get there. I'll have many questions along the way.

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Love the name! Reminds me of Ron Tater Salad White lol

What size wheels are those?

20x9 motometal 962s with 305/55/20 nitto Terra Grapplers (33.34" tire)

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