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2 tanks is the only way i would do Co2 again. you never know when the tank will end, usually it is when you still have 3 more tires to air up  :HairOut
but you can expect to fill a tire in about 40 seconds, which is awesome! i am at about 45 seconds per tire with my York (10 cfm)
With your stock rims rather narrow, you can air down to 10-12 psi with out any concerns of losing a bead (the risk goes up with more rocks involved tho)
i would keep a log of how many tires you fill, as a source for knowing how much you can expect from a tank. i believe with 20 gallons, you could be close to 40 tires.
Fesslers Gas off Eulcid and 235 can refill the tanks

Yeah so long as I log the fills and jeep an eye on the tank weight I should be good.

The tanks I picked up were empty, I took them to Airgas off of Dixon/Guthrie and had em swapped out for full tanks.

Side note, what two lifts did you put on your commander?

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Rocky road spacer and then I later added Bilstien 5100 adjustable struts in the front for another inch and an extra 1/2 spacer in the rear.

All of my co2 parts showed up today, hoping to get the tank mounted and a test run completed tonight.

Now I just need to find a spare for this weekend.  Fricken treadwright. :Bang


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