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On to my third jeep,  this time a flat fender!

1948 CJ2A Tub
1978 CJ5 Frame
1978 dana20 Jeep transfercase
1974 t18 Ford transmission (6.32:1 first gear)

Plan for this one is stock suspension, big tires, and lots of cutting.  I need to keep it as low as possible since it is so narrow.   Build will be loosely based on Brennan Metcalf's Rango build on Pirate.

I figured I'd start up a thread since I've started acquiring some parts and going to some club functions.

I'm starting with a 2011 JKU Sport Package in Mango Tango that I got after trading in my lifted Commander.

Here's what I traded in:

Here is the current configuration:

Fenders chopped
AEV Procal
Rubicon shocks
Stubby antenna
1.5" spacers
315/70/17 Treadwright Guard Dogs
Crawler Conceptz body-mount tire carrier
Poison Spyder license plate delete
VDP stubby end caps
AEV 2" spacer lift
Zone shocks for 2" lift
CO2 on board air

Still need to install:
Evo c-gussets

I'm not throwing a lift on it this year, I plan to wheel some and get to know the Jeep prior to lifting so I can decide what I want.  I went through two variations of lifts on my XK and I only want to do it once on the new JKU.  This wont be so much a build thread, just a general project/happenings thread.

The first mod I did was to install my 315/70 Treadwrights, J&K Automotive did the mount and balance for me.  They actually fit with no lift and only trimming the rear pinch seams.  There is no way I could wheel this way, but it was fine for the road.  I'm running no spare right now, but plan to pick one up before the 26th and I'll end up just throwing it in the back not on a carrier.

Next up was this weekends projects, fender trimming and stubby bumper

More to come...

The next project that I'm wanting to tackle is OBA.  For my uses I don't think I want anything permanently mounted in my jeep, so I'll be researching the more portable options that I can throw in the Jeep for wheeling trips.  What I have come across so far are these units:

30 amp draw
2.34cfm @ 29psi
no tank
Harborfreight 69285

30 amp draw
1.35CFM @ ??psi
no tank
My shop compressor; a California Air Tools CAT-6310

$Free since I already have
have to purchase an inverter (which I have been wanting for other uses)
7.6 amp draw
6.3gallon tank
3.8cfm @ 40psi 2.35cfm @ 90psi
Quiet @ 60 decibels
After looking things over I think my choice is pretty obvious in using the compressor I already have and purchasing an inverter for it.  This compressor, coupled with the hoses and everything I already have should be a pretty good option for OBA for wheeling purposes only.

Am I missing something?

To me, that compressor takes up a lot of cargo space.  I picked up a portable Viair compressor on Amazon for approximately $60 which fits into a small duffel bag with all my other wheeling supplies.

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while space isn't really a concern for me, I am abandoning this idea.  I couldn't find an inverter that would run the compressor for a reasonable enough price.  I just ordered an mv50 compressor off of Amazon to try out.

the compressor showed on Saturday.  I tested it out yesterday after getting home from the jeep show and I gotta say I'm less than impressed.  I'm shopping it back to Amazon tomorrow.

Next option is co2.  I'm always looking for the most economical way to do a project, and I found this thread that lays everything out:

So now I have two 20lb tanks (overkill, I know, got a good deal on two but I'll only use one at a time), a regulator and deflator and mount  on order. 

Hopefully I'll be able to air down this weekend without relying on anyone else to fill me back up.


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