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I have been planning a new axle build for my tj for quite some time. I'm tired of fixing the d35 after every wheeling trip. My initial plan was the 8.8 conversion out of an explorer. One con of this would be that it uses c clips to retain the axle. After snapping a c clip shaft at the farm and spending hours getting the jeep to level ground I've decided against this swap. My next choice was to run a 9". This would have eliminated the c clips and added a stronger gearset with an extra pinion support. However I don't care for the super low pinion and finding one of appropriate width and 31 spline proves to be a challenge. So I have decided to narrow an 8.8 out of an f150 I have lying around and weld 9" housing ends on and run 35 spline 9" shafts with a spool. Overkill for 33's or 35's absolutely, but I won't have to worry about it. I picked up the 8.8 last year for 10$ since the gears were shelled out of it. Here's the shopping list as of now.
-chromolly 35 spline cut to length shafts
-35 spline spool
-4.56 gears and install kit
-9" housing ends
-caliper brackets and brake parts

Most of these parts I will be buying from quick performance in Ames.

First up on the agenda was to sandblast the axle and since a coworker needed to sandblast some stuff of his own I figured I might as well start today as well. After a couple hours in the rain I finally finished, but two hours in the rain sandblasting beats 10 min with a wirewheel. Here's a pic of the axle all stripped down ready for blasting.

Welded the tubes to the chunk and started designing a truss. My plan is to triangulated the uppers on the pumpkin and weld new brackets frame side.

Got the brackets cut off and started the truss. Also spent most of the day calculating the four link. With the help of adjustable brackets I got my numbers right so they will work with my current 33's and 35's down the road. For some reason tapatalk isn't uploading pics right now so just imagine an axle with brackets cut off.


--- Quote from: codykoke on February 07, 2015, 08:43:53 PM ---For some reason tapatalk isn't uploading pics right now so just imagine an axle with brackets cut off.

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Looks great!

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here's where I'm starting today.


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