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Author Topic: 2016-10 October Meeting Minutes  (Read 1080 times)

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2016-10 October Meeting Minutes
« on: October 28, 2016, 04:29:40 PM »
In Attendance:
Ryan Weaverling – President            Robby Williams        Ethan Stroud
Ryan Atchison – Vice President   April & Ryan Nelson        Bill Dane
Ty Knox - Secretary                            Lee Brant                        Todd Reece
Ryan Hildreth - Treasurer                    Bill Slaikeu                John Schiefer
Scott Jones                                    Craig Weuve   
Clint Hansen                                    Lisa Davis   
John Longman                                    Bob Briles   
Paul VanWeelden                            Adrienne Roll   
Cody Kokemiller                            Ray Davis                Visitors:
Jerry Hannagan                            Jeramie Stroud        Ron Riley

Secretary’s Report:
•   Reading of the August Minutes:
      o   Motion to add minutes into record, seconded, and carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report:
•   Statement Beginning Balance (9/15/16): $6,800.09
•   Statement Ending Balance (10/14/16): $7,408.37

Vice President’s Report:
•   Nothing to report

President’s Report:
•   68 Paying members
      o   Very proud of the the increase in members
   Will not be at the December meeting

Potential New Members and Visitors:
•   Ron Riley
      o   CJ7

Recurring Club Business:
•   The Farm
      o   All good with Mark
•   Iowa Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (IA4WDC)
      o   Nothing new

Event Reviews:
•   Jeep Show Sept 24th and 25th
      o   Needed more volunteers
      o   Attendance was weaker this year
                 Lots of rain
      o   JOCCI booth made some money
•   Iron Range Oct 14th – 16th
•   MIOBI Toys for Tots Oct 15th – 16th
•   Willy’s CO Trip (John Scheifer’s trip)
      o   CO Fall colors trip
                 Aspens are changing
      o   54 flat fender & 1 round fender
      o   9 trails various difficulty
      o   John had a little damage
•   Black Hills
      o   One slow rollover
      o   Great trip

Upcoming Events:
o   Meat ‘n Greet Tuesdays
      o   2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, open to all, location varies
o   Colorado 2017 (end of July)
      o   Scenic trails & challenging trails
o   Winch safety demo (TBD)
      o   Maybe hold off until the spring fling
      o   John has been in touch with Warn
o   After Thanksgiving run
o   Jolly Holiday Lights December 6th

Recent Talk ‘n Tunes:
o    None

Upcoming Talk ‘n Tunes:
o   Bill needs ball joints
o   Dave bought an axle
o   Dave Doolittle Cage work
      o   Kevin will do it

New Business:
o   Holiday Party (Early January)
      o   Start a poll on the forum
      o   Gift Exchange
o   Bylaw Review
o   JOCCI Banner
         The “Grill” idea was floated
         Club gave BOD authority to make it happen
o   Winter gear order
         Hoodies and long sleeve t-shirt
         Smitty has contact for art on the new shirt
o   Dave is looking for philanthropy ideas

o   Adjourn Regular Business:
o   Motioned, seconded, and carried unanimously
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