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Author Topic: 2016-9 September Meeting Minutes  (Read 1125 times)

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2016-9 September Meeting Minutes
« on: September 21, 2016, 01:26:32 PM »
In Attendance:
Ryan Weaverling – President           David Doolittle                  Visitors:
Ryan Atchison – Vice President   April & Ryan Nelson          BJ Bowie
Ty Knox - Secretary                           Cody Kokemiller          Buck & Bri Else
Ryan Hildreth - Treasurer                   Bill Slaikeu                  John Bixler
Scott Jones                                   Chad Gibbons                 Craig Weuve
Clint Hansen                                   Paul VanWeelden          Lee Brant
John Longman                                   Bob Briles                          Bill Leytham
Sean Lester                                   Adrienne Roll                  Bob Darling
Darin Nelson                                   Lisa Davis                          Doug Taylor
Jack Landy                                   Jeramie Stroud   

Secretary’s Report:
•   Reading of the August Minutes:
         o   Motion to add minutes into record, seconded, and carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report:
•   Statement Beginning Balance (8/12/16): $6,759.91
•   Statement Ending Balance (9/14/16): $6,809.09
      o   Motion to accept and second motion carried
•   Brought an inventory of shirts
•   Still have some shirts that need picked up

Vice President’s Report:
•   Reminded new members to post on the forum if you want to have a Jeep run

President’s Report:
•   BOD Meeting Goals
•   Membership
      o   Recruiting competition
                 Added 14 new Jeeples
•   Engagement
      o   Photo contest
                 Paul won and got the free dinner
•   Public awareness   
         Social media
         Iowa Jeep Show
         Show and Shine with Granger Motors
               •   Discount for JOCCI stickers
•   Political outreach
      o   Nothing new this month

Potential New Members and Visitors:
•   Doug Taylor (auto addictions)
      o   2010 Wrangler
                 37s and bumpers
•   Bob Darling
      o   2003 TJ stock
•   Bill Leytham
      o   2012 JK
•   Lee Brant
      o   2012 JK (5th Jeep)
•   Craig Weuve
      o   2003 TJ
                 Lift tires plans
•   John Bixler
      o   2005
                 Lift tires
•   Buck & Bree Else
      o   2011 Sahara
•   BJ Bowie
      o   2001 XJ
                 31 tires
                 locker

Recurring Club Business:
•   The Farm
      o   All good with Mark
•   Iowa Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (IA4WDC)
      o   Nothing new

Event Reviews:
•   Moab
      o   Dave broke a lot
                 Ryan fixed a lot
      o   Trails were great
•   Brownell’s Yeti Built Off Road Meet in Grinnell August 17th
      o   50 people
•   Upper Iowa Labor Day Trip
      o   Best canoeing trip ever
      o   No bugs
      o   Dave is sad he missed it
•   Farm Run Sept 3rd
      o   John Larsen flopped…..twice
•   Just Jeeps Omaha visited the farm September 17th
      o   Bill broke his jeep
                 Lots of help to get it fixed and off the trail
      o   Perfect wheeling conditions

Upcoming Events:
o   Meat ‘n Greet Tuesdays
      o   2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, open to all, location varies
o   Jeep Show Sept 24th and 25th
      o   Ryan will be running it
o   Iron Range Oct 14th – 16th
o   Colorado 2017
      o   Scenic trails & challenging trails
o   Winch safety demo (TBD)
      o   John has been in touch with Warn
      o   Atch will work on this
o   MIOBI Toys for Tots Oct 15th – 16th
      o   No stuffed animals

Recent Talk ‘n Tunes:
o    None

Upcoming Talk ‘n Tunes:
o   John Schiefer needs temp senders
      o   PITA
o   Bill needs ball joints
o   Dave bought an axle
o   Dave Doolittle Cage work
      o   Kevin will do it

New Business:
o   Bylaw Review
o   JOCCI Banner
         The “Grill” idea was floated
         Club gave BOD authority to make it happen
o   Iowa All Breed Jeep Show
         Volunteers needed
         JOCCI booth ideas needed
o   Winter gear order
         Hoodies and long sleeve t-shirt
         Smitty has contact for art on the new shirt
o   Side Road is open
         Pibble won best of show

o   Adjourn Regular Business:
      o   Motioned, seconded, and carried unanimously
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