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General Club Information
« on: March 10, 2012, 10:05:35 AM »
We are a non-profit, small, family oriented "Jeep only" club that offers opportunities for Jeep enthusiasts to meet and participate in numerous outdoor activities, including camping, off-road club runs, out-of-state trips, participation in Jeep Jamborees as well as other activities. JOCCI adheres to the principles of respecting the land and enjoying both individual and family oriented fun. The club welcomes every type of 4 wheel drive Jeep owner. We have monthly meetings, annual Christmas parties and annual picnics. We are incorporated. We have a diverse collection of Jeeps including CJ's, SJ(FSJ)'s, YJ's, XJ's, TJ's, MJ's, ZJ's, WJ's, WK's, XK's, KJ's, KK's, JK's, JL's, and JT's (just to name a few).

For the location of our next meeting check out our Calendar of Events. If you have a Jeep or plan on getting one soon, you are very welcome to come to any meeting and see if this club is what you would like to be involved in. In addition, as a prospective member, you are welcome to participate in up to two club events before deciding to join. Due to insurance purposes, however, only members can off-road at the farm near Oskaloosa. Prospective members are welcome to ride along with another club member in a club member's Jeep at the farm.

Our club stresses safety on our events. Alcohol is NOT permitted at any time while wheeling and/or camping anywhere at the JOCCI Farm. Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at all times during all club events.

We try to have at least one camping/off-roading event each month. In Iowa, we trail ride at the farm near Oskaloosa, which presents many types of terrain (i.e.: hills, mud, rock, etc.).

There are certain safety requirements that must be met before you travel off-road with the club. We will explain those requirements, should you consider riding with us or joining the club.

Some benefits of joining our club:
  • The "Comraderie"
  • Learn from others on how to maintain and make modifications;
  • Find places to 'wheel and to 'wheel with several other Jeepers;
  • Camping with others; 5) Discounts at various automotive dealers.
The membership dues are $35 annually per family. This covers association dues, certain events and incidentals. If you are interested in our club, please refer to the Want to Join our Club posting here:
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